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Fellowship Capital Partners is seeking to acquire and operate a single business that satisfies the following criteria:

Company Criteria

Ø  Long-term growth opportunity through revenue enhancement, margin improvement and balance sheet optimization

Ø  Diverse customer base, with high retention rates

Ø  Significant base of recurring revenue

Ø  Clear and defensible competitive advantage


Financial Criteria

Ø  Annual revenue of $10 - $50 Million

Ø  EBITDA of $2 - $6 Million

Ø  15%+ EBITDA margins 

Ø  History of financial solvency, profits and growth


Situational Criteria

Ø  Owner/operator targeting more flexibility in day-to-day operations

Ø  Retiring business owner/operator without a successor in place 

Ø  Owner/operator seeking to diversify personal net worth and create liquidity

Ø  Owner/operator desiring to see business flourish post-divestment


Industry Criteria

Ø  Fragmented and growing market 

Ø  Limited technology risk

Ø  Service-based